• 24 March 2023
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10 Recommendations for Android-Based Home Decorating Games

Playing a game might provide us with a novel opportunity to immerse ourselves in a character.

If you want to experience what it’s like to build a house, choose the proper furniture for the desired mood, and do so without spending a lot of money, then the home design game is for you.

List of the top games for house decoration

1. Homematch

If you wish to play games including home décor, check Homematch. You will first be tasked with building and designing Emily’s beachside residence. The objective is to develop structures, add windows, furniture, and vegetation, and construct a swimming pool.

Additionally, you must select the color and type of paint to be used on the house’s walls. Initially, you must simply design the exterior. However, your workload will expand over time.

In order to continue designing, you must generate income. Simply play the match-3 minigame on Homematch to do this. This match-three game resembles Candy Crush. You must match identically shaped items that emerge one after the other on the screen. This one minigame will net you 500 dollars.

Collect money and complete the house design for your client. If design development continues, the subsequent level will be unlocked. This game is not tough to play. In reality, we find the game to be simple and addictive.

2. Property Brothers: Home Design

The gameplay of Property Brothers: Home Design is identical to that of Homematch. You will be tasked with designing the dwelling. In contrast, this time it went straight inside. Keep in mind that the design pattern has already been established within the game.

Choose sofas, tables, wall colors, and other furnishings based on the design. There are match-three minigames that can be played if you run out of money. Thankfully, this match-3 game is rather simple to master. Nevertheless, the challenge will become more tough as the skill level increases.

Voice acting makes Property Brothers: Home Design even more distinctive than other games. Yes, this game features quality voice acting. Typically, comparable games contain little voice acting and only conversation.

3. Design My Home: Makeover Games

Design My Home: Makeover Games is an engaging house-designing game. In the first level, you will create the interior of a room by adding sofas, wall hangings, paint, flooring, etc.

As with other home décor games, you will have the opportunity to complete minigames. The objective is obviously to acquire additional funds for home design. In Design My Home: Makeover Game, however, the mini-game is a word-guessing game. The English vocabulary must be guessed.

The gameplay of Design My Home: Makeover Games is comparable to those of similar games. Simply press the shopping cart icon to install a selected item in the room. Each item is priced differently. Before starting to decorate the house, consult the floor plan if you forget the client’s desired design.

4. Home Design: Hotel Renovation

This game’s objective consists of hotel improvements, as suggested by its title. The hotel rooms should be adorned in this manner one by one. Hang paintings, replace windows, select carpets, fix the stairs, and install chandeliers. Ensure that your clients are pleased with the design.

There is a plan that you can follow to ensure that the design is to the client’s taste. Earn money by participating in match-3 minigames. After playing, you can earn up to 700 coins.

These coins will be utilized to acquire item after item throughout the game. Every day, there are five bonuses of ‘life’. Utilize your leisure time to develop hotels owned by clients.

This game is comparable to other home-decorating simulations. Uniqueness resides in the object you must renovate, which is a hotel. Interested in participating? Here you can download the game.

5. Homescapes

Homescapes provides a heartwarming narrative. Austin desires to realize his boyhood ambition of returning to the house where he grew up.

You will be invited to renovate a dilapidated home while rediscovering memories of the past that once filled every room.

To upgrade your home, you must gather the stars you earn from playing match-three, a game in which you must align at least three identical icons in a row.

When fixing a house, such as replacing a mattress, you can choose from one of the three accessible mattress designs to construct a home mattress. Other furniture has a similar pattern, allowing you to create a house with a motif of your choosing.

6. Redecor

If you’re looking for a home-decorating game with high-quality visuals for Android, you may want to consider Redecor. The game’s 3D graphical presentation makes the things appear more realistic.

In addition, the game’s daily tasks will help you develop your imagination in interior design.

Redecor should only be performed by persons who are at least 17 years old. There are various item purchases in the game. If you don’t mind and want to try Redecor, you can get it at the link below.

7. Design Home

Design Home is the best option for individuals who just want to play by constructing a house, without having to play minigames to earn money. You need only select furniture for a room.

When you begin playing the game, you will be given free money and furnishings so that you can experiment.

To enter and design a chamber, you must get a Key by selecting the greatest design from someplace in the universe. When you finish building a space, you will earn money and receive a star rating between 1 and 5.

8. My Home Design: Modern City

My Home Design: Contemporary City Modern City is just as entertaining to play. Later, you will be responsible for assisting interior designers Liam and Chloe to realize their clients’ ideal homes.

You will assist them in decorating various house kinds with varied interior designs. One of them is a trendy modern-minimalist residence. Are you interested in playing the game? Here you may download My Home Design: Modern City.

9. Home Design: House Makeover

Home Design- House Makeover Home Design: House Makeover provides not just a simple and entertaining interior design game, but also an engaging storyline for the characters.

During gameplay, your eyes will also be treated to high-quality visuals. Numerous items can be used to adorn houses, apartments, and even villas.

The game will present you with several levels. Moreover, the greater the level, the greater the difficulty of the challenge.

You can earn additional points by playing match-3 games. Download Home Design: House Makeover by following the link provided.

Not to be forgotten, there is also a casual game called Decor Life. The gameplay of this game with a cute visual style will also fascinate you. Yes, in this game you must renovate each room individually.

Uniquely, you can renovate any aspect of the room to your liking. Before starting to renovate the room, you will be required to clean up old furniture and dispose of superfluous objects.

In excess of four million Android users have downloaded the game Decor Life. Do you wish to be one of the game’s participants? If so, click here to download Decor Life for free.

10. Decor Life

By playing this game, your decorating talents will be enhanced. You will journey alongside Zara and Rex in quest of houses to remodel.

You may completely renovate any home, including painting, flooring, and furniture installation. The game features more than ten distinct rooms that can be altered in this manner.

There are over one hundred items that can be added to the home to improve its appearance. Play My Home Design by clicking on the link provided.


These are the ten recommended games for house decoration. Whether it’s home design with mini games or just house design, all of the aforementioned games provide the opportunity to be a home designer. Have you determined which interior designer will participate?

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