• 24 March 2023
Futsal Games Frequently Played on Android Smartphones

14 Futsal Games Frequently Played on Android Smartphones

After reviewing the finest soccer games, we will now present and evaluate the 14 most entertaining and best futsal games for Android phones.

At first glance, futsal and football may appear comparable. However, futsal and football have a similar premise but have different rules.

Those who enjoy futsal may not be able to miss the futsal game. Futsal enthusiasts can not only play futsal in real life, but also play it digitally, thanks to the technical achievements of the modern era.

List of the Top Futsal Android Games

1. City Street Soccer

City Street Soccer is a straightforward futsal sport. both visually and in terms of controls There are no tutorials or directions available at the start of the game. Therefore, you need just select your own squad and the opposite team. Then, use the buttons displayed on the HP screen to play.

However, the game remains enjoyable to play. Don’t forget to maintain the players’ stamina and physical condition. If there are already players who are weary, pass the ball to those with a great deal of remaining stamina. Score as many goals as possible to help your team win.

When we attempted to play this game, we discovered that it was truly quite simple. We need to use the controls solely to move and kick the ball. Obviously, the ability to play ball will also be really essential here. Even though the opponents are artificial intelligence, they are nonetheless quite difficult to defeat.

2. Futsal Football 2

Futsal fans, HVGamerLove is a futsal game creator that offers the best futsal game as one of your options. This time, the title of the game is Futsal Football 2. Futsal Football 2 features a graphic animation in which you play inside a room.

Futsal Football 2 includes rules that are adapted to the real futsal sport, much like the real game.

For instance, the futsal match will last twenty minutes. Download Futsal Football 2 from the Google Play Store if you’re a fan of futsal and want to play it on your Android device.

3. Street Football Super League

Street Football Super League is a futsal game with straightforward controls. The gameplay is comparable to the games we covered previously. You will play with the opposition team and must bring your own team as much as possible in order to win.

Unfortunately, there are still some faults in this game. One of them is that the characters’ actions are still fairly stiff, and the aesthetics are not particularly appealing. Considering that this is a free game, we can certainly understand this.

4. Futsal Goalkeeper – Indoor Soccer

It differs slightly from the previous game in that you are not positioned as a futsal player who must dribble in the field’s center.

You are instead entrusted with protecting the goal as the keeper. Yes, you should constantly hone your skills at preventing wickets from falling. Oh, certainly, this game will be even more entertaining due to the use of 3D animation, of course. Want? Futsal Goalkeeper is available on Google Play.

5. Futsal Liga Profesional

This game’s origin can be deduced from its name: it was created in Indonesia. Yes, Futsal Professional League is produced by No Undergraduate S1, a local developer.

This game features futsal matches between Indonesian teams. Black Steel Manokwari and Halus Jakarta are two of them. The game features two modes: rapid match and tournament.

In addition to selecting your own squad, you are also permitted to select the playing field. Unfortunately, the available field options are fairly restricted. To select a certain field, you must first become a VIP.

The aesthetics and controls of the game are rather simple. You have the choice to play with or without special effects. Intent on attempting?

6. Shoot Goal – Futsal Indoor Soccer

Are you confident in your ability to score goals in a futsal match? You can demonstrate your self-assurance by playing Shoot Goal – Futsal Indoor Soccer.

Bambo Studio, a game developer that gives the virtual enjoyment of playing futsal and has titled their game Shoot Goal – Futsal Indoor Soccer, will bring players to exciting futsal matches.

In this case, participants will be expected to win. Obviously, to win a futsal match, players must score as many goals as possible against the opponent’s goal. You can utilize your preferred kicks to enter the opponent’s goal.

7. Street Soccer : Futsal Game

Additionally, you may play Street Soccer: Futsal Game. This futsal video game features multiple game styles, including career and free play. In career mode, you can fight against an equally potent and formidable opponent.

Regarding free play, you can accomplish several levels containing a variety of tasks. One objective is to kick the ball into the goal while statues move to the left and right.

Visually, this game continues to lag behind its rivals. However, the offered game remains engaging and rather tough. Due to the fact that this is a free-to-play game, there are a significant number of advertisements that interfere with the flow of the game.

8. Indoor Futsal : Soccer Games

Additionally known as Soccer Kicks. The game features multiple game variants. One of them is the career mode, in which you can complete seemingly simple level after level of ball play. However, it was not as straightforward as anticipated.

Simply kick the ball into the net and try to score as many goals as possible. The game requires precision and dexterity from your fingers despite its simplicity.

In addition to fighting bots, you can also follow games involving other gamers. In this scenario, you will be the scorer and your opponent will be the goalkeeper. In fact, unlike the majority of futsal games, this game is still enjoyable to play when bored.

9. Street Football Kick Games – Mini Sports

Additionally, this game resembles Soccer Kicks. Your only responsibility is to score as many goals as possible. However, scoring a single goal is not simple. You must direct the shot as precisely as possible to specific locations within the goal.

Similar to Soccer Kicks, you can challenge other players to one-on-one battles as the goalkeeper and scorer. Complete level after level to become the game’s champion. If you’re bored, you can attempt different team-based game styles.

This game can be downloaded and played for free, but it contains numerous advertisements. Please download Street Football Kick Games – Mini Sports if you are interested.

10. Extreme Football

Extreme Football is one of Android’s numerous entertaining futsal games. When you are just beginning to play this game, you will adhere to the practice. These activities are designed to help you become proficient at playing Extreme Football.

A new street-style soccer game that may be played immediately following the conclusion of practice. Relax, the game’s controls are intuitive, and the directions are straightforward.

Extreme Football is one of the futsal games with the most distracting visuals in terms of graphics. The game’s excitement is also boosted by the availability of numerous unique elements, one of which is the ability to replace characters. Each playable character has a stylish appearance and ball-playing abilities.

11. FIFA FUTSAL WC 2021 Challenge

The FIFA FUTSAL WC 2021 Challenge is comparable to the previous games we’ve described. At the beginning of the game, you will be prompted to create your character by altering factors such as skin tone, hair color, and gender.

After that, you can play the game and complete the levels quickly. You must simply score as well as possible. The greater the level, the more challenging the obstacles.

12. Futsal Game

Zarapps’s futsal game is titled Futsal Game so as not to be outdone. Similarly to how futsal is played in the real world, each team will consist of five players and compete against the opposing team. Score as many goals as possible to emerge victorious in the Futsal Game.

In addition, if you have less than 20MB of free space on your Android phone, you can still play Futsal Game.

This game will not take up much space on your mobile device because it just requires 19 MB. This seemingly simple game is also regarded to be highly addicting. Would you like to test it?

13. Meta Football

Meta Football is one of the top futsal Android games. This game offers excellent 3D graphics and straightforward controls. In terms of gameplay, it is comparable to similar titles. You must represent the futsal team with honor in your hometown.

When playing this game, you need not worry about encountering obstacles. Meta Football gives a thorough instruction. The tutorials cover kicking, passing, tackling, and the use of special maneuvers. You might attempt practicing through training matches if you are uncertain. Therefore, you will be much better prepared before to the actual battle.

In this match, your opponent is not an artificial intelligence, but rather other Meta Football players. Ensure your internet connection is stable before to playing. So that the game can proceed smoothly. This game has a size of approximately 500 MB, for your knowledge.

14. Futsal Indoor Soccer

Futsal Indoor Soccer is a fun sport since players are permitted to construct their own teams. You may select a character to be the field’s hero. In addition to that, you may also determine the outfits, their color, and others.

Because the adversaries are different and challenging. You can compete against other online Futsal Indoor Soccer players or an AI squad in this game. Who would you challenge to a futsal match? Choose your path through this game.


This concludes the study of 14 Futsal games that can be played on an Android smartphone. You may already enjoy the thrilling game of futsal with just your Android smartphone.

You can submit any further game recommendations in the comments area.

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