• 24 March 2023
Recommendations for Fun Games for Long-Distance Relationships

15 Recommendations for Fun Games for Long-Distance Relationships

Homebound and unable to visit the boyfriend? Or is it leaving a partner in your hometown due to work-related obligations? Living in an LDR relationship is challenging.

In addition to having to combat the feeling of missing one another, every couple separated by distance must also contend with trust issues. Instead of being upset, it would be preferable to play a cooperative game.

You can spend time alone in such a fun way, even if you’re not seeing each other, as opposed to allowing your partner to be lonely and even seek entertainment elsewhere. There are numerous online games available, but not all of them are appropriate for playing with a girlfriend or husband/wife.

Carisinyal therefore took the initiative to compile a list of the best games suitable for LDR couples.

Not just any online game, but the games on this list are guaranteed to place an emphasis on unique player interactions and themes with multiple nuances.

Anti-Prank Games Checklist for LDR Couples

1. Mancala

Miss playing with pride? Because of the existence of technology, you can now act arrogant at any time and in any location. Obviously, you will play it on your phone. Remember to invite your partner to play with you. AppOn Innovate’s Mancala is a classic arrogant game that will bring back childhood memories.

The rules are identical to those of the typical arrogant game. If you are still confused, this game provides you with a comprehensive tutorial. Those who wish to invite their partner to play must first enter the game and then create a room with the same name. One game costs fifty chips.

If your chips run out, you can no longer play. However, you can earn more chips by watching the game’s advertisements. Want to try it out? Download Mancala for Android from the Google PlayStore and Mancala for iPhone from the App Store.

2. Bombsquad

Bombsquad is a game of battle royale. In this game, you and your partner must eliminate each other in each level. You will compete against one another in a platformer. Throw bombs or punch the couple until they are defenseless.

When the difficulty is high, you and your partner will engage in a decisive battle. The movements of you and your partner will be slowed down or rendered in slow motion. Therefore, you and your partner should avoid bombs and mines as much as possible. To create a bomb, please scavenge nearby objects.

To play with your partner, navigate to the Gather menu, create your own party, and share the party code with your partner. Download Bombsquad on Google PlayStore for Android and on the App Store for Mac.

3. Agar.io

In this game, you and your partner will assume the form of a spherical cell. Your and your partner’s mission is to consume smaller cells. Simply move your cell with the mouse and allow it to consume all other cells.

Remember to avoid allowing your cells to be consumed by larger cells. If not, you or your partner could fail.

If you wish to play with others, please create your own room using party mode. You can immediately play with your partner and many other online players after entering a nickname. Play Agar.io now! Yes, the game can be played via a web browser on a desktop, laptop, or mobile device.

4. Stardew Valley

Occasionally, couples do not wish to play action-packed games. Likewise, your partner will always decline whenever they are invited to play a game.

Try providing farming games similar to Stardew Valley. Here, you will only engage in farming, money collection, cooking, and house or cage improvement.

This Stardew Valley game is playable not only on PC, but also on Android. Moreover, it naturally supports multiplayer online games.

Your partner can be the host, so you can assist your partner in gathering wood, seeds, watering plants, and even collecting ore in the monsters’ lair.

This Stardew Valley game can be played in a casual manner. Additionally, engaging in farming activities together will give the impression that you are living in the same residence. Stardew Valley is also affordable, costing 116 thousand IDR on Steam.

5. Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite is another game you can play with your partner. This game allows you to team up with other Pokemon Trainers.

Later, you and your team will enter Aeos Island to battle and defeat the Wild Pokemon alongside a team of five other players. To win the match, your team and the opposing team must compete for the highest score.

Pokemon Unite is playable on the Android, iPhone, and Nintendo Switch platforms. Download the game on Google PlayStore for Android and on the App Store for iPhone.

6. Overcooked 2

Overcooked 2 is a game that can be played online and has a cooking theme; consequently, it is a multiplayer game that women certainly enjoy. However, unlike other cooking games such as Cooking Mama, Overcooked 2 has an original plot.

In the Onion Kingdom, the king Onion King unintentionally creates an army of zombies with bread-like bodies known as The Unbread. In the kitchen, you and your partner are responsible for collecting, chopping, and cooking food ingredients.

Overcooked 2 is available on multiple platforms, including PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and even current-generation consoles PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. The price of this game is as high as Rp199,00 on Steam. It is available on Steam.

In addition to having to focus on cooking, Overcooked 2 features a number of obstacles that will complicate the cooking process, including collisions with other players, portals, and impassable fire hazards.

This is a game that can make you and your partner laugh, groan in frustration, and feel elated as you complete stage after stage.

7. Phogs!

Phogs! is an ideal cooperative game for LDR couples to play. You and your partner will assume the roles of Red and Blue dogs in this game.

You and your partner must run, jump, and even bark in order to aid Red and Blue in their puzzle platform adventure. Intent on attempting?

8. UNO

Who does not enjoy the popular card game UNO? Typically, individuals meet in person to play UNO cards. However, you and your partner can compete virtually with UNO games on Android and iOS.

Everyone, whether an experienced UNO player or a novice, can enjoy the game wherever they are.

Enjoy the flavor of attacking your opponent with the frustrating Wild Draw Four card. Alternately, you and your partner can play cooperatively to defeat the opposing team. Exciting, yes? Download UNO for Android from the Google Play Store and for iPhone from the App Store.

9. Human: Fall Flat

Another game suitable for LDR couples is Human: Fall Flat. In the game, you and your partner will land on a dreamland platform. You must investigate platforms with various shapes, such as a castle or a house. Both of you must now solve the puzzles at hand.

Obviously, you and your partner must assist each other, such as when carrying remote controls, opening elevators, or breaking down walls. Due to the fact that you only have two hands, assistance from your partner is required.

This game features very straightforward controls, namely a virtual joystick on the screen’s right and left sides. On the right are hand controls, while on the left are controls for movement.

Human: Fall Flat features simplistic 3D graphics accompanied by music that can be described as calming. This popular game is available for Rp80,000 on Google PlayStore.

10. Overwatch 2

If you and your partner can play this game on the Windows platform. Overwatch 2 is a first-person shooter developed by Blizzard Entertainment. In the game, you will fight alongside an opposing team of players.

You are free to choose heroes with their own unique abilities. One of the heroes is a support hero who aids in healing teammates.

Overwatch 2 is a highly entertaining and addicting game. Additionally, this game has excellent visuals. Not only can you play in casual mode, but you can also compete in Blizzard’s official tournament, the Overwatch League. Overwatch 2 can be purchased on the official website for Rp 600,000 for the Windows platform.

11. Head Ball 2

Next, we have Head Ball 2. This game is also appropriate for LDR couples, to be sure. To play cooperatively, please link the game to each player’s Facebook account. You may either compete against one another or join a team.

Playing the game is quite simple. Simply use the on-screen controls to kick or head the ball. Yes, try to place the ball in the opponent’s goal.

In addition to playing with your partner, you can each participate in tournaments through the career mode. Interested? Please give Head Ball 2 a shot with your partner. Head Ball 2 for Android is available on the Google PlayStore, and Head Ball 2 for iOS is available on the App Store.

12. Fun Run 3

Fun Run 3 is a running game featuring humorous characters. You and your partner have the option of competing in a running race or joining a team. Both of you can fight against other teams in this game.

Every day, Fun Run 3 will assign you missions that must be completed. Later, you will get rewards.

The objective of a game is to win. Defeat other competitors and make rapid progress toward the finish line. Utilize the directional controls on the screen. Don’t forget to attack other players with the available weapons. Interested? Please obtain Fun Run 3 for Android from the Google Play Store and Fun Run 3 for iOS from the App Store.

13. Mario Kart Tour

If you and your partner enjoy kart racing games, give Mario Kart Tour Together a shot. This lightweight game allows you and a partner to compete in kart racing tournaments with varying prize structures and themes. You will also face a variety of exciting obstacles.

Due to the fact that this is the Mario Kart Tour, you will compete in kart races on a map comprised of major cities in various parts of the world. London, Los Angeles, Sydney, and Paris are among these cities. Download Mario Kart Tour on Google Play for Android and on the App Store for iPhone.

14. Don’t Starve Together

Perhaps you and your partner enjoy Stardew Valley-style planting games. In such a case, Don’t Starve Together can be attempted. Don’t Starve Together is not really a farming game, but you and your partner can farm, craft, and mine in order to survive.

Don’t Go Hungry Together is an individual expansion for Don’t Starve. Don’t Starve is a single-player game, whereas, as the name suggests, Don’t Starve Together can be played online multiplayer with a partner or with random players through matchmaking.

Don’t Starve Together is an ideal game for two players due to its captivating narrative, solid survival game mechanics, and changing seasons.

Even with an onboard VGA, Don’t Starve Together can be played smoothly on a potato laptop.

15. Roblox

Roblox is one of many online gaming platforms that offer a variety of entertaining games. This platform’s games span numerous genres, including survival and action.

For those of you in a long-distance relationship with your partner, Roblox can serve as a means of entertainment and relaxation.

Not only can you play games created by other users, but you and your partner can also create your own games for other Roblox users to enjoy. Intent on attempting?


Well, with the 15 games for LDR couples listed above, you no longer need to be confused about what to play. Instead of just talking on the phone or through video calls, playing games together is a surefire way to strengthen your relationship and can at least compensate for the distance between you. What is your and your partner’s preferred game?

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