• 24 March 2023
Soccer Game Manager for Android Mobile Devices, Simulation to Be a Trainer

15 Soccer Game Manager for Android Mobile Devices, Simulation to Be a Trainer

Ball manager-themed games are one of the most popular genres of games, particularly among football aficionados who desire to manage a team.

Now, there are numerous manager games. Some of the greatest ones can be played on mobile devices.

Best ball manager games in 2023

1. Soccer Manager 2023

Soccer Manager 2023 features a compelling gameplay. Two game modes are provided. Among these is Career Mode.

As a manager, you can do ‘anything’. This involves the compilation of strategies, the modification of player roles, the maintenance of player connections, and the enhancement of multiple facilities. The stadium is one of them. By renovating the stadium, your club will increase its revenue due to the increased attendance.

Additionally, you can recruit and transfer players based on your budget. Don’t forget to include the pertinent criteria when scouting players.

We attempted to play the game, and the consequence was that it felt like home. This game includes lessons to prevent initial confusion among players. We felt it useful to give this tutorial as well. Our initial objective was to finish all of the jobs.

At the start of the season, we played in an exhibition match. During the game, we are permitted to alter the formation to improve the performance of the players. We had no issues whatsoever because to the controls’ simplicity and functionality. The aesthetics of this game are also extremely impressive.

Unfortunately, not all of the game’s features and goods are available for free. For example, player enhancements. To increase the club’s players, you must either purchase the things or see more advertisements.

2. PRO Soccer Cup Fantasy Manager

If this soccer manager game is straightforward. You cannot immediately participate in matches as in Soccer Manager 2023.

Yes, your only objective in PRO Soccer Cup Fantasy Manager is to perform “easy objectives.” For instance, winning ten matches in a single day. There is no option to change team facilities or watch live matches. You will only get information regarding the match’s outcome. Thus, the gameplay is less realistic than in Soccer Manager 2023.

Even so, you can still execute your job as a manager. For example, recruiting players, employees, and coaches for the team.

Energy is required to compete. One day will only provide 100 energy. One game requires ten energy. That means, you can only play this game ten times every day. Unless you purchase energy with actual cash.

Each day, a set number of missions are conducted. This game only gave us one mission every day when we tried it. Nevertheless, we can still compete in matches and competitions. The amusing aspect is that we can invite other players or even their own pals online.

This game feels rigid to us. However, we continue to enjoy the game. As a matter of fact, this game can be played without charge. However, there are numerous advertisements that display.

3. FIFA Soccer

EA Games has published and created this FIFA Soccer soccer ball manager game. In the game, you will serve as the manager of a renowned football team. Manchester United is among them.

You must manage your squad and players, as well as make your team successful in the world’s most important and prominent football leagues. Recruit professional football players for your squad and encourage them to score as many goals as possible in order to enhance your club’s reputation among football fans.

4. FMU – Football Manager Game

FMU or Football Manager Ultra is perhaps comparable to Soccer Manager 2023. In terms of features, the two are nearly identical. You may watch live matches of the team. However, there is no scene in which you can see the players running around in the field’s center.

This game uniquely allows users to select a team based on their location. We attempted to select Indonesia. Consequently, our squad was promoted to Liga Indonesia Division 5. The amusing aspect is that we can compete with other gamers online. It’s only that the gap between games is fairly great. A day must pass before we may restart the game with the other opposing team.

Nevertheless, this can be a benefit in and of itself. We use the available time to oversee tactics, acquire junior academy players, alter club facilities, and perform training.

Overall, we’re pleased with our experience with this game. Moreover, we are not interrupted by commercials while playing. Even though the game is not as visually appealing as Soccer Manager 2023, FMU deserves praise for its playability. If you are new to playing, you can read the game’s comprehensive user guide.

5. Football Manager 2022

This game appears to allow you to manage a number of famous players, including Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, and Kylian Mbappe. You can assemble all of these guys into your own team.

Later, the team you construct can compete against other teams, whether they are controlled by a robot or by friends.

In addition to training players and competing, you can engage in a variety of non-football-related duties, including as monitoring player data, determining the market value of players, and recruiting a new sponsor for your foster club.

To play this game, you must be familiar with the world of football and grasp the field strategy. Football Manager 2022 may be downloaded directly from the Google Play Store.

6. Top Eleven Be A Soccer Manager

This game allows you to do more than just train players. You will also learn how to handle your foster team’s income and costs. In fact, you will learn how to construct your own ideal stadium.

This game published by Nordeus has garnered praise from a number of parties. The Guardian is one of these publications. According to a British newspaper, Top Eleven Be A Soccer Manager is the most successful game to date at bringing football management into the gaming world.

As with other football manager games, you may play this soccer manager game on Android and iOS-based smartphones. If you are interested in getting it, please visit the Google Play Store immediately.

7. Top Football Manager 2022

Top Football Manager 2022 was created and distributed by Gamegou Limited for individuals interested in managing a football team.

Certainly, the soccer clubs you’ll be leading here are well-known, professional teams with well-known players. Your club will compete in renowned football fixtures, like La Liga.

Your job is to improve the team’s performance by selecting a strategy and recruiting and appointing players according to their positions. Take your squad to victory, and you’ll get an official team license.

This game is appropriate for leisure time play. Download Top Football Manager 2022 here to try it out.

8. Football Master

The following game is Football Master. Similar to other games, your primary objective is to lead your club to the title. Manage the club, accompany the players to training, facilitate player moves, and formulate playing strategy.

This game is distinguished by the existence of AI or artificial intelligence, which ensures its seamless operation. Are you intrigued by Football Master? Try it out right here.

9. Pro 11 – Football Manager Game

Are you looking for a more feature-rich ball manager game? Test out the Pro 11 Football Manager Game. This game will not only allow you to be the manager of a famous football club, but it will also allow you to test your talents in other minigames.

In this game, not only are you responsible for managing the football club, but also for maintaining the players’ home stadium. You will definitely need additional finances. To maintain the club’s financial stability, you can develop contracts with existing sponsors.

10. Matchday Football Manager

Matchday Football Manager also hooked us on the game. This game’s 3D aesthetics are certainly the problem, as they are extremely distracting.
There are also music and sound effects that add to the dynamic ambiance. The matches between the teams can be viewed live, albeit the players are merely represented by numbers.

In this game, we were assigned somewhat similar responsibilities. Set strategies, recruit players, hone their abilities, and upgrade your facilities, among other things. The intriguing aspect is that making money in this game is difficult. This actually motivated us to participate in the game with greater diligence.

Each player is permitted to participate in tournaments and live matches. In this game, the opponents’ opponents are other players. Therefore, this game demands a consistent Internet connection.

Visually, control-wise, and gameplay-wise, Matchday Football Manager is superb. To make this PvP soccer game even more entertaining, users can invite their friends to compete.

11. OSM 22/23

OSM, sometimes known as Online Soccer Management 22/23, is a soccer manager game that is just as interesting as any other game of its kind.

Obviously, your primary responsibility is to run a football team. You will be required to make player transfers, establish a winning game strategy, train your players, and much more.

Well, what distinguishes OSM 22/23 from other ball manager games is the presence of multiplayer functions. Want to test out OSM 22/23? Simply download the game from here.

12. True Football 3

If you want a basic and lightweight ball manager game, this could be the one for you. There are almost 2,500 football teams that you can train for. These teams are from a wide range of divisions, from the lowest to the highest.

You can select a squad from the lowest division if you enjoy a challenge. By selecting it, you can discover how to elevate a squad from the lowest division to the highest.

As with other manager games, this one requires you to deal with sponsors, handle team money, develop a youth academy, construct stadiums, move players, and communicate with players.

This ball manager game can be downloaded without cost. If you’re interested in downloading and playing it, please visit the Play Store.

13. Underworld Football Manager

This game is distinct from others we have previously examined. As the title suggests, Underworld Football Manager tells the narrative of a football manager; the manager is tasked by gangsters in the city with ensuring the success of his side.

As a manager, you must now develop tactics, recruit the best players, improve club facilities, and refine each player’s skills. Complete quests to receive rewards.

In this game, leveling up is simple because the objectives are simple to complete. You can obtain tasks that require you to attack the rival team’s players. This is done intentionally for a variety of reasons. Including if the player injures the hero of your team.

This game does not feature actual football matches. You can actually skip or skip each match to complete the game swiftly.

Due to the unique and straightforward tasks, this game is highly entertaining and addictive. The controls are also straightforward and do not cause dizziness. Additionally, assistance is provided throughout the game.

14. Superkickoff

Superkickoff is an extremely straightforward ball manager game. This game is actually even easier than PRO Soccer Cup Fantasy Manager. There are no fancy visual effects, much less sequences resembling an actual ball game. Typically, each bout lasts approximately one minute.

Even when employing a variety of techniques and plans, it is quite difficult to win matches in the game. This game is quite easy. It more closely resembles a mobile application than a game. Nevertheless, we can comprehend that given that this game is similarly only 17 MB in size.

You can still serve as a club manager and coach within the game. Always improve players and stadiums, replace injured and weary players, and boost player confidence. Despite its simplicity, this game is highly addictive.

15. Flick Kick Football Legends

This PIKPOK-published game provides something unique. In this game, you will experience the sensation of training older or no longer-young players. And in this game, you can simultaneously play the roles of coach and player.

This game allows you to communicate with a number of parties, from player agents to opposition coaches, in addition to managing your squad and playing.

This game also features images with cel shading in the style of the 1970s, giving it a retro appearance. Flick Kick Football Legends is immediately downloadable from the Google Play Store.


These are the recommended recommendations for the top mobile ball manager games. It is not unlikely that the knowledge gained by playing the ball game described above can be applied in the actual world.

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