• 24 March 2023
Full Review of the vivo Y02

Full Review of the vivo Y02, Including Its Specifications and Cost

After Oppo unveiled the A17 series smartphone, it is now Vivo’s turn to introduce its most recent smartphone. The smartphone fight in the low end class is undoubtedly becoming increasingly heated once more.

The newest member of Vivo’s Y line of smartphones, the vivo Y01, was made available for purchase around the middle of this year at a price range of one million.

Vivo did not make its customers wait for a significant amount of time before reintroducing its successor series, the Vivo Y02, at the end of this year at a price that is not significantly different from its previous offering, which is somewhere around one million.

Obviously, the two different generations of cellphones may be differentiated from one another by a number of distinct characteristics. One of these changes can be found in the amount of RAM that is now available, which has been increased from 2 GB to 3 GB.

Not just in terms of the RAM capacity, which has been increased due to design improvements, but it also looks different. Let’s have a look at the price, the specifics, and the complete evaluation for additional information.

Full Review

Design and Dimensions

The most noticeable difference is in the appearance of the design, which has been improved to the point where it no longer resembles the earlier series of mobile devices in any manner. This is the aspect that draws the most attention.

This smartphone is deemed more futuristic and more modern due to the fact that the rear display has taken on the appearance of the Vivo X80 Pro, which is Vivo’s flagship model of smartphone.

The mobile device has a body that gives off the impression of being durable and robust, and the color has a matte finish that takes on a somewhat different appearance depending on how much light is reflected off of it. Even though it is composed of polycarbonate, the body of the telephone has a coating that prevents fingerprints from sticking to it when it is in use.

The length of the hp has not changed and now measures 164 millimeters; however, its width and thickness have increased to 75.6 millimeters and 8.5 millimeters, respectively, from their previous values.

In a similar fashion, the weight went from 178 grams to 186 grams, which is an increase of almost 10 grams. However, the difference does not significantly affect the level of comfort, particularly when the telephone is transported from place to place.

Unfortunately, this series of cellphones does not include a fingerprint function like the previous series did, which had a fingerprint feature on the power button of the handset.

In spite of this, the 3.5 mm audio jack has been preserved, and the SIM tray has been expanded to accommodate three slots. Cosmic Grey and Orchid Blue are the names of the two color options that are offered for the Y02 line of headphones.


This smartphone’s rear camera sports a modern design similar to that of the Vivo X80 Pro smartphone, which features a big lens circle and a circular cutout for the flash.

The frame that encircles the back camera is also one of a kind; it has a square profile and has the inscription “Aspherical High Performance” directly below the lens of the camera.

Although when viewed from the exterior, this smartphone appears to have a large lens, there is actually only a single lens attached to it. This lens is the primary camera lens, and it has an 8-megapixel resolution. While the front-facing camera consists of one piece with a design that has not altered, it is shaped like a waterdrop and has a resolution of 5 megapixels.

In terms of the photo outcomes, it is fairly pleasing for a cellphone with a price range of one million starting from the contrast, and the bokeh effect of the front camera is also quite precise. Both of these aspects are important to consider. This smartphone only allows video recording at a resolution of 1080p at a frame rate of 30 frames per second whether utilizing either the front or the rear camera.

Because there is only one microphone, the sound that is captured when this device is used to record videos will have a little muffled quality due to the fact that there is only one mic.


Regarding the display, the Vivo Y02 is identical to its forerunner in that it has a size of 6.51 inches. The screen’s technical parameters are also not significantly different from one another, including the utilization of an IPS LCD panel and the support of HD+ resolution.

The screen bezel is of an average size, meaning that it is not very small and cannot be described as being particularly thick. However, the bezel at the bottom of the screen is noticeably thicker than the bezels on the right and left sides of the screen.

This screen on your smartphone is undoubtedly adequate for day-to-day use, particularly when used for browsing the internet, playing social media games, or viewing videos.

There is a function on the screen known as the Eye Protection Mode that, when activated, causes the screen’s brightness to be increased to a level that is less likely to cause strain in the eyes.

Chipset CPU

This particular smartphone makes use of a chipset that was manufactured by MediaTek and is known as the Helio P22 chipset. In contrast to the previous series, which previously utilized the Helio P35 chipset, this series will not.

Because of this, the most important question is why the chipset’s performance was decreased rather than kept at the same level or even improved. Although both the Helio P35 and the Helio P35 use octa core technology, there is a noticeable difference in the levels of performance that are achieved by the two chipsets.

This smartphone received a score somewhere in the area of 108 thousand when it was evaluated using the Antutu benchmark application version 9. The resulting antutu score is approximately 111 thousand, which is significantly higher than its predecessor. The change isn’t that great, but when it comes to performance, you’ll definitely be able to tell the difference.

You can continue to play even if you use light gaming, but the settings you get should be adjusted to their lowest possible levels. For instance, when utilized for Call of Duty: Mobile games with low resolution and medium frames per second, the gameplay of this smartphone is still pretty fluid, despite the occasional appearance of lag.

If the device is used for activities other than gaming, such as opening Instagram or TikTok, browsing the web, or even just talking with friends, the performance is, of course, enough.


The battery in the Vivo Y02 smartphone has a capacity that has been maintained at 5000 mAh, and this capacity is home to one of the pieces that are featured in the device. The mobile phone is only compatible with a cas speed of 10 watts and does not support the rapid charging technology that is becoming increasingly popular.

Therefore, in order to charge, you will need to actually have a lot of patience because the amount of time it takes to charge from zero to one hundred percent might be roughly two hours and forty minutes.

Because a Micro USB connector is utilized, users will receive a charger head in addition to a micro USB cable with their purchase. This smartphone has a capacity of 5000 mAh, which is fairly substantial for a smartphone with a price tag of 1 million, and it has the ability to survive for an entire day if it is used in a reasonable manner.

It is asserted that the device’s battery life allows it to play back streaming videos in high definition (HD) quality continuously for a period of 18 hours.

Vivo Y02 Price

3 GB/32 GB RAM = Rp 1.499.000


The Vivo Y02, the successor to the Vivo Y01 smartphone, is offered at the same price as its predecessor but has a different appearance. This is especially noticeable in the form of a more modern design, which gives the impression that it is not a low-cost smartphone.

If we are to believe what we see in the chipset, there has been a reduction in size, but on the other hand, the amount of RAM available has grown. It all comes down to the preferences of the parties involved, whether they are more concerned with the aesthetics or the functionality of the item.

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