• 24 March 2023
Oppo A1 Pro 5G with a Comprehensive Review

Oppo A1 Pro 5G with a Comprehensive Review, Detailed Specifications, and an Affordable Price

This week, Oppo made the Oppo A1 Pro 5G, the latest installment in its A series of smartphones, officially available for purchase. The mobile device is the first Oppo A series smartphone to feature a Pro variant of any kind.

The Oppo A1 Pro comes with a variety of features that were initially introduced in the A series edition, which was made possible by the addition of the Pro frills.

One of these can be found on the screen, which features curved edges on both the right and left sides of the display, much like a high-end smartphone would have.

This gives the sense of superior quality. The curved display is comparable to that of other high-end smartphones, such as the One Plus 8 Pro, the Samsung S22, the Xiaomi 11 Ultra, and even the Oppo Find X3 pro, which is made by the same company as Oppo.

The encouraging news is that this smartphone already enables connectivity at the 5G level. Let’s go over the price in its whole so that we can talk about the specifics!

Oppo A1 Pro 5G Full Review

The Plan and the Measurements

When viewed from either the front or the back of the phone, the interface of the appearance carries the notion of the style of today’s flagship smartphones with a sumptuous design.

This design can be seen on both sides of the phone. If you look closer, you’ll notice that the back cover is comparable to the Oppo A58 or Oppo A17 mobile phone, both of which were released not too long ago and include a huge camera circle.

The hp has approximate dimensions of 162.3 millimeters in length, 74.3 millimeters in width, and 7.7 millimeters in thickness. The weight of the mobile phone, which is approximately 171 grams, is considered to be on the lighter side, therefore we can say that it is extremely portable.

The fact that this smartphone does not come equipped with a 3.5 mm audio jack hole is unfortunate and may cause frustration for some customers. The paired speakers, on the other hand, already support dual speakers and function as stereo speakers.

When used to listen to music or access other forms of multimedia, the speaker can reportedly have its volume increased by up to 200 percent if the user believes that it is not loud enough to do it on its own.

In addition, there is a memory slot and a SIM tray that are compatible with nano SIM cards, and there is an NFC feature on the inside. The Oppo A1 Pro 5G smartphone comes in a variety of color options, including black, blue, and gold. The color options are listed in the product description.


The high resolution of the camera displayed is also comparable with the size of the lens rounds on the back camera, which are designed to be enormous. The resolution of the primary camera reaches 108 megapixels, yet the resolution of the secondary camera is just 2 megapixels. How can this be?

In addition, a punch hole-themed lens with a resolution of 16 megapixels has been put on the side of the front camera. This resolution is sufficient to meet the requirements of users for their selfies.

It is believed that both the front and rear cameras on this phone are capable of capturing photographs that are of the highest possible quality.

This smartphone’s camera is able to generate photos with colors that are true to life since it has a technology called AI Scene Enhancement. Additionally, the colors do not fade.

Users who want to get the best possible results from their selfies taken with the front camera will find that the AI Glow and Beauty feature is a huge assist.

It’s a little disappointing that both the front and rear cameras can only shoot videos at a maximum resolution of 1080p at a frame rate of 30 frames per second.

If Oppo dares to offer video recording capability up to 4K quality or at least in 2K, it should be with a reasonably large main camera resolution.


The design of the front display of this smartphone, which has either a curved screen or a curved screen, is the primary strength of the device. In spite of the fact that the curved screen feature was exactly the same as the screen on a high-end smartphone, the existence of the Oppo A1 Pro 5G has demonstrated that this technology is present in the category of smartphones that are priced in the middle.

This smartphone sports a screen that is 6.7 inches in size, features an OLED panel, and has a refresh rate that exceeds 120 hertz, all of which contribute to the device’s growing popularity.

With a pixel density of more than 390 ppi and a light power of up to 950 nits, the display may achieve a resolution of up to 1080 by 2412 pixels, also known as FULL HD PLUS.

When utilized for activities such as watching videos or scrolling through social media, or even playing games, a screen that has been coated with DCI-P3 is guaranteed to be capable of causing the user to experience eye strain.

In addition to that, the screen of the mobile phone used by the Oppo A1 Pro 5G can be used as a fingerprint sensor, and it also contains a fingerprint reader underneath the display.

The screen also utilizes AGC-DT-Star 2, a material that is said to be resistant to collisions, falls, harsh conditions, and other types of deformations, among other things.

Chipset CPU

The Snapdragon 695 processor, which already supports 5G connectivity, is at the heart of the Oppo A1 Pro’s performance. This chipset is the phone’s primary performance driver.

The chipset is not a new chipset because it has a fabrication process of 6 nanometers, a speed of Octa core 2.2 gigahertz, and it is supported by the Adreno 619 GPU.

Although the chipset already supports 5G, its performance is said to be subpar despite costing between three and five million dollars. This is especially the case if it is designed to play demanding video games. According to the results of the tests conducted with antutu version 9, the score that was acquired by this smartphone has the potential to reach 400,000.

This smartphone is able to maintain a stable performance on High graphics settings when used to play light games like Mobile Legend. The settings that can be reached for the games on it, such as PUBG Mobile, can be as high as Smooth Ultra, and the average frame rate is between 30 and 40.

A wide variety of RAM and internal memory configurations are also available, including 8 gigabytes of RAM paired with 128 gigabytes of internal memory, 8 gigabytes of RAM paired with 256 gigabytes of internal memory, and 12 gigabytes of RAM paired with 256 gigabytes of internal memory.


When it comes to the battery, this smartphone is powered by a battery that has a capacity of over 5000 mAh, or more specifically 4800 mAh. One more thing that is an advantage of this smartphone is its fast charging feature, which is not a joke because it supports up to a maximum speed of 67 watts. This feature is one more item that is a benefit of this smartphone.

According to his assertion, the amount of time necessary to fully charge this mobile phone from empty to 80 percent capacity is only about a half an hour.

The battery life of this device is also said to be quite long due to the fact that it can withstand use for up to more than 4 years. A battery capacity that is already quite near to 5000 mAh is already considered to be excellent for day-to-day use.

It is estimated that the life of this cellphone battery can be extended by up to one day if it is used with an appropriate level of intensity. According to a different assertion, it is possible to view films on a mobile device for approximately three hours after the device has been charged for only five minutes.

Oppo A1 Pro 5G Price

8 GB/128 GB RAM = Rp 4.000.000
8 GB/256 GB RAM = Rp 4.500.000
12 GB/256 GB RAM = Rp 5.000.000


The many features that are incorporated into the Oppo A1 Pro 5G have the potential to pique the interest of the Indonesian people, particularly the curved screen feature, which serves as a distinctive icon on this smartphone.

Given that it is priced in the middle of the range for mobile phones, there are some specifications that may need to be taken into consideration, particularly by gamers who are looking for increased performance.

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