• 24 March 2023
Full Review Poco M5

Poco M5: Detailed Review, Price, and Specifications

Are you interested in purchasing a cutting-edge gaming smartphone at an affordable price of approximately 2 million? These days, it’s not hard at all thanks to the abundance of options available, one of which is the Poco M5 cellphone.

The most up-to-date chipset, namely the MediaTek Helio G99, is already included in the smartphone, which offers an exceptional value for a price that falls in between medium and low.

The processor is not only quick and reliable, but it also belongs to the group of the most recent output chipsets and can be found in other gaming devices. For example, realme 10, Tecno Pova 4, Tecno Pova 4 Pro, and Vivo V25E.

Not only because of the chipset, but also because of the design and other features in the Poco M5, it is enough to make its rivals erupt in rage. So, in order to get into further specifics, let’s start by talking about the cost!

Full Review Poco M5

Design and Dimensions

When compared to its predecessor, the Poco M4, the Poco M5’s camera frame has undergone some minor revisions, but otherwise the Poco’s trademark design aesthetic has been preserved on the exterior of the device.

The dark bar that appears to be made of glass and has been made to widen until it contacts the left and right sides of the smartphone is referred to as the rear camera ring.

The HP material, including the frame, is made of polycarbonate, yet it still has a substantial feel when touched, and the texture of the HP body makes it look like it is made of leather.

In addition, the HP screen has a reflective coating that makes it appear to be made of glass. Because of this, the experience of holding a mobile phone is one that is less likely to be slippery and less likely to leave fingerprints.

This particular smartphone has measurements that include a length of around 164 millimeters, a width of 76 millimeters, and a thickness of up to 8.9 millimeters. It has a decent ergonomic design in terms of length and width, but it cannot be considered thin due to its height, which approaches the number of 201 grams.

The fingerprint sensor and the power button are both still located on the same side of the mobile device. This smartphone’s appeal is enhanced by the presence of a 3.5 mm audio jack hole, an infrared blaster feature, and a near-field communication feature (NFC).

Black, green, and yellow are the three standard color options for Poco phones, and each of those options is one of the three color variants that can be purchased for the Poco F1.


Moving on to the camera functionality, this mobile device has three back camera lenses, two of which are of a standard size while the third appears to be of a more compact size.

Each of the lenses on the rear camera has a resolution of 50 megapixels for the wide lens, 2 megapixels for the depth sensor, and 2 megapixels for the macro lens. Regarding the front-facing camera, it maintains the design of a waterdrop camera and has a resolution of 5 mega pixels.

The image that is created by this smartphone is fairly decent for the class of 2 million smartphone devices, both in terms of natural colors and the fact that they are not overly saturated. When used in bright light, the details also feel like they are sufficient.

Both the front and the rear cameras are only capable of shooting video at a frame rate of 1080 at 30 frames per second.


For a smartphone that costs 2 million dollars and has a screen size of 6.58 inches, the specifications that are carried are already fairly good in terms of the screen itself.

The resolution is Full HD Plus, and the screen refresh rate supports up to 90 Hz. Additionally, there is a feature called Dynamic Switch that allows the refresh rate to be adjusted while accessing specific applications.

If you use it to access social media, for instance, the refresh rate will be set automatically to 90 Hz. However, if you view a movie on it, the speed will change to 30 frames per second (FPS), and the speed will be 60 Hz when you use it for gaming.

Unhappily, there are still some applications that occasionally do not support this feature. One example of this is while browsing YouTube, where the refresh rate can only be maximum at 60 frames per second.

Even though the panel that is being used is an IPS panel, the color quality on the screen is fairly okay. However, the brightness is limited to 500 nits, which means that it is less bright when used in hot light.

It is important to remember that the screen has been provided with protection from scuffs and scratches by the screen glass, which is made of Corning Gorilla Glass 3.

Chipset CPU

The fact that this smartphone already has a chipset that uses MediaTek Helio G99 is one of the advantages of purchasing it. It is anticipated that in the future, the chipset will become a popular chipset, which will color the smartphone market at a price of 2 million.

Even though there are currently other smartphones on the market that employ the chipset, selecting the Poco M5 as the proper option when deciding which HP engine to use is not a mistake. Even as of right now, the Poco M5 is one of the smartphones that can be found on the list of the most affordable ones to use the Helio G99 chipset.

When you play mobile legend games on this smartphone, you can obtain sixty frames per second that are stable at the maximum settings. This eliminates the need to question the performance of the device.

Used for playing demanding games such as Genshin Impact fps, which can maintain a consistent frame rate of 45 fps and occasionally even achieve higher performance than that.

The temperature of this mobile device is kept at a constant forty degrees, despite the fact that it has been used to play games for an extended period of time.

The findings of performance testing carried out with the antutu hp benchmark application yielded a score that was in the neighborhood of 280 thousand.

It is sad that this smartphone does not include a gyroscope sensor because it means that it is insufficient for some people. This is especially true for gamers of the PUBG game who like to turn on the gyro while they are playing the game.


It has a rather big battery capacity, reaching up to 5000 mAh, which helps to support its performance. Even though the mobile phone battery can only support charging at a maximum of 18 watts, the retail packaging includes a charger that has an integrated capacity of 22.5 watts.

After half an hour of charging, the battery is approximately 32 percent charged; after one hour of charging, the battery is approximately 63 percent charged; and it takes two hours and twenty minutes to fully charge the battery. The charging time is still perfect for a smartphone that can sustain 18 watts of power and has a capacity that is considered to be pretty large.

It has only been possible to achieve a reduction of roughly 6 percent in the device’s power usage when playing Mobile Legend for half an hour. The capacity of the battery is decreased by approximately 7 to 8 percent when it is used to play PUBG mobile games for an extended period of time.

In the meantime, the amount of battery life consumed while playing the Genshin Impact game for the same amount of time, which is half an hour, is around 10 percent.

Poco M5 Price

4 GB/64 GB RAM = Rp 2.099.000
4 GB/128 GB RAM = Rp 2.299.000


The Poco m5 is not a flawless smartphone, despite the fact that it can be purchased for just 2 million yuan; nonetheless, it does offer a number of benefits and capabilities that are absent from competing 2 million yuan mobile devices.

Especially for gamers, who don’t really have a need for a mobile gyro sensor, this may be something to think about because of how quickly it performs, how it doesn’t get too hot, and how much battery capacity it has.

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